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A program runtime is an operating system and software stack that enables your program to run on the network.

Runtimes are customized Linux root filesystems that integrate with the infrastructure and provide access to APIs, as well as quick responses to HTTP requests and other events.

The project provides official runtimes with all you need for most programs. Additionally, you can build and publish custom runtimes, and use any available runtime on the network for your program.

Init process

On-demand Execution relies on a custom Linux init process, optimized to launch the right endpoint in response to events such as HTTP requests. This custom init consists in two simple programs, and

Use these in your custom runtime by copying them to /rootfs/sbin/init and /mnt/rootfs/root/ respectively.

Persistent Execution may use the same init process, but this is not required. If you do not make use of the capabilities provided by the ecosystem, using the default of your distribution (ex: systemd, OpenRC, ...) should work as well.