Skip to content 2024 Roadmap: Blueprint for DePin Innovation


Our 2024 roadmap isn't just a list of goals; it's a strategic blueprint for advancing decentralized physical infrastructure (DePin). This year, we're committed to enhancing GPU support, integrating advanced oracles, deploying confidential virtual machines, and more.

Key Milestones

Pay-as-You-Go Payment Model

  • Objective: Implement a flexible pay-as-you-go model for using compute and storage resources, payable in $ALEPH and stablecoins.
  • Details:
    • Users pay only for what they consume, calculated down to the millisecond.
    • Payments are streamed directly to Compute Resource Node operators and the Aleph network, supporting 80% to operators and 20% as a network fee.
  • Example Usage:
    • Renting compute power from CRN “ABC” for $100 in $ALEPH results in $80 to the operator and $20 to the network.
    • Payments in stablecoins are automatically converted to $ALEPH for network fees.

Oracle Enhancements

  • Objective: Launch an advanced oracle system that fetches and indexes data from multiple sources for enhanced reliability and reduced manipulation risk.
  • Background: Building on the success of our 2023 reverse oracle, which facilitates data flow from blockchains to the Aleph network.

GPU Support for Virtual Machines

  • Objective: Incorporate GPU capabilities in our decentralized VMs to support high-performance tasks such as AI, ML, and graphic rendering.
  • Impact: This will democratize access to high-performance computing, making it more accessible and cost-effective within the decentralized space.

IPFS on Virtual Machines Executors

  • Objective: Enable Compute Resource Nodes to run their own IPFS nodes, enhancing the reliability, security, and flexibility of data transfers within the decentralized network.

Confidential Virtual Machines

  • Objective: Implement confidential VMs capable of running with fully encrypted and isolated memory and execution.
  • Benefits: This will provide enhanced security for sensitive data processing, ensuring that even node operators cannot access user data.
  • Future Plans: Focus on supporting confidential AI inference to guarantee data privacy during AI operations.

Network Health Status Page and Dashboard

  • Objective: Develop a comprehensive dashboard and status page for's network to provide real-time transparency on system performance and health.

New EVM Chains Supported

  • Objective: Expand our compatibility with additional EVM-compatible chains, enhancing the utility of across the blockchain ecosystem, especially for dApps in the gaming industry.

Geo-Localization for Storage and Compute Resource Nodes

  • Objective: Implement geolocation features for selecting storage and compute nodes based on geographic location.
  • Purpose: This will optimize latency and ensure compliance with data sovereignty laws, allowing users to select nodes that meet specific legal and operational requirements.


2024 is set to be a transformative year for as we strive to set new standards in decentralized computing. Through our planned innovations, we aim to enhance the security, flexibility, and efficiency of our services, making decentralized infrastructure more accessible and practical for a wider range of applications.