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Decentralized IPFS Pinning

Overview introduces decentralized InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) pinning in its decentralized cloud platform. This feature aligns with the company's emphasis on decentralization and resistance to censorship, aiming to improve data storage and sharing.

How To Use's decentralized IPFS pinning is available to all users, using's:

IPFS Pinning Explained

IPFS pinning is a process in the distributed file system, IPFS, which links computing devices with a unified file system. It involves persistently storing data on a specific node to ensure its availability in the network, preventing data loss as new data is added. For more information, see the IPFS documentation.

Centralized Pinning: A Closer Look

Traditional IPFS pinning often uses a centralized model, relying on a single node or service for data storage. This approach can pose risks to data availability and integrity in case of node failures or service disruptions.'s Decentralized Approach adopts a decentralized pinning method, spreading data across multiple Core Channel Nodes in its network. This strategy enhances data redundancy and resilience, mitigating risks associated with single-node failures.

This approach to decentralized pinning is part of's commitment to full decentralization. It aims to give users increased control over their data, while improving the network's data availability and security.